lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013

English project

María Esperanza Martín Castillo       4º ESO B    

I chose this photo because I think that it's the most natural photo that I have with another person.
This photo was taken by a natural spring on the outskirts of  Valle de Abdalajís, the village that I'm from.

In the picture I was talking with my best friend and another of my friends took this photo when we didn't know that it was being taken.  It was summer and it was very hot, we were bored in my house and we didn't have any other fresh place with water to go to  because my village's swimming pool was closed. We wanted to pose watching the water of the spring but my friend took the photo very quickly and we didn't have time to get ourselves ready. After the photo was taken I wanted to retaked and when I saw both pictures I chose the first one because I preferred it.

In the right background are my bestfriend and I, the beautiful's spring of my village is in the middle foreground and at the left top there are lovely green plants and white rocks. There is a part of the photo is lighter than the other because the sun is falling on it, the other part is in shade.
I think that the photo is really naural because we didn't pull any faces, that it's colourful because there is a lot of differences in the ligthing, that is spontaneous because we didn't know that was being taken and unusual because  photos of people are normally posed.

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